Data Science & Data Innovative Technologies

Answer business questions with data.

Identify, connect, explore, clean, enrich & analyse data in- and outside your organization to focus on business answers.

Support decisioninig system.

Visualize the appropriate data in your organization to increase effectiveness.

Big Data – spatial and temporal pattern detection.

Data mining – predictive models: cross/up-selling, segmentation, churn.

GIS & Spatial Analysis – optimization & development of sales network.

Use innovative technologies to structure and better process data:

  • Taxonomies & Ontologies,
  • Natural Language Processing,
  • Knowledge Graphs,
  • AI / Machine Learning,
  • Graph Databases,
  • DCAM.

Data Management challenges facing businesses

DCAM (Data Capability Assessment Model) is recognized as the industry standard (across industries) and allows enterprises to achieve full control of the quality of their data.

  • Quality – enforced and required by the increasing level of regulation, geographic distribution of both business process and workforce resources.
  • Confidentiality – becomes a strategic issue as organisations process more and more customer confidential data in increasingly remote work environments.
  • Data control – specifically from the technology, processes, and legal/regulatory perspectives organisation need to be able to prove (and report) that they handle data impeccably.

We are EDMC authorised partner for DCAM