Customer Experience

Every company depends on its Clients
but sometimes one situation can change their perception

Why you should think about Customer Experience services?

    but has difficulties in discovering the reasons why they appears.
    which are Clients related
    on changing elements which are not useful

How we can help?

MakoLab Consulting methodology:

  1. Moments of Truth
    • The customer and the organization come into contact with one another in a manner that gives the customer an opportunity to either form or change an impression about the firm. Such an interaction could occur through the product of the firm, its service offering or both.
    • Various instances could constitute a moment of truth – such as greeting the customer, handling customer queries or complaints, promoting special offers or giving discounts and the closing of the interaction.
  2. Visibility Line
    • The line of visibility separates the ‘onstage’ steps, interactions and assets from ‘offstage’ processes, business staff and operating environments. Visibility is the separation of what the customer can see and interact with, from what they can’t.
    • There are two high-level goals to making this distinction, using the line of visibility. The first is evolving your understanding of the customer’s perspective. If you limit your focus to what they can and cannot see, those elements of your service which lack value become more obvious.
    • The second high-level goal of considering the line of visibility is the ability to improve service processes and identify new opportunities. By mapping out the full service ecosystem and taking care to include the line of visibility, repetitive or unintuitive service processes stick out like a sore thumb.
  3. Kano Model
    • Prioritize features on a product / service roadmap based on the degree to which they are likely to satisfy customers. Weigh a high-satisfaction feature against its costs to make strategically sound decision.
    • Kano can help teams determine which features will satisfy and even delight customers.
  4.  Benchmark
    • We compare Client`s performance to selected competitors.
    • In result we evaluate the product or service in the critical visible and reasonable elements (moments of truth / processes).
  5. Improve or remove
    • Before wasting resources, we can determine which elements should be eliminated which must be truly enhanced.
  6. Results Monitoring
    • Net Promoter Score
      NPS measures customer experience and predicts business growth. This proven metric transformed the business world and now provides the core measurement for customer experience management programs the world round.
    • Mystery Shopper
      Main goal for Mystery Shopper is to assess a business and its employees from the customer experience perspective.
      Some of the data mystery shoppers collect and report (usually by completing a survey) include “normal” observations as a casual observer, but mystery shoppers may also be retained to ask specific questions or be “difficult” customers.

Selected project cases:

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